You do not want to be an assistant all your life? Are you tired of sitting at home with baby all day while your husband has professional career? Are you jealous because of your colleagues who go on foreign holidays, when you can not even afford to go to Zakopane? It is a high time to change something! This portal was designed for all women who want to put the first step on the path of independent business... We will tell you how to start, we will give you usefull advise and we will support you.





We want to create a place for those women who already have their own business but also we want to help those who who are taking the first steps. Our website is a perfect place to exchange experiences and ideas. Our goal is to become a platform of exchange the ideas between you and businesswoman of the whole Poland.




If you are interested in business, this is a place where you can find interesting information and news from all over the world. We will show women who are the perfect example to follow. We'll also look at business mom and we will try to discover how to deal with combining work and child- rearing.


 We encourage you to read and discuss!