If you have a small business, then consider appointing a person dedicated to finding potential joint ventures and putting them together. As you probably have guessed, this individual should know about JVs and marketing. You need to be able to find good prospects. It’s actually easy to locate and contact businesses for this purpose. You can have a huge victory if you do one joint venture that is successful. After a period of time, you will become a finely tuned JV machine.

All business discussions should be short and not use up anyone else’s time. This same logic applies during the times that you are inquiring about joint venture partnerships. In addition, do not make the other business mad by using marketing hype. If you call the other business, then politely say why you want to speak with them, or you could submit this in writing. You should not write too long of a letter. But, make sure that you have yourself together. You can do this at a later time, if need be. Always explain how a joint venture is advantageous for them.

Before you take on a Joint Venture, try to figure out the benefits and strategies that will be involved. If the promotional efforts work out, a joint venture can go on for years. When the business relationship is positive, you’ll be able to better position yourself inside of it.

To put it simply, you’ll have the ability to develop future joint venture alliances for however long you want to do so. How often you take them on will depend primarily upon what is out there for promotions. So you may take a break from that company and then next year or two years later, it happens again.

You need a solid plan of attack before you start calling people at any business about a JV. It can be a little intimidating to approach a large or well known business, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. There’s nothing complicated about contacting another online marketer who’s just another person in business like yourself. Bigger companies require you to do some research and find out exactly who you must contact. Once you have the people you need, then send all of them your JV proposal. You don’t want to send out emails too far apart, as you want all of the parties to get the message around the same time. Never send out generic mailings or emails not addressed to a specific person; if you don’t know the names of the relevant people, call the business and find out. Most people have seen successful JVs. They actually happen all the time. Two companies linked in their advertising and offers being made for another business. It’s as if one business is promoting the other, and that’s what is going on. Even an individual doing IM can participate with JVs. It works for most people across the board.